Self-Care Instructor

Discussing yoga, self MLD, compression options and more for breast lymphedema

Occupational Therapist, Certified Lymphedema Therapist and Yoga Teacher

Barbara Jackson

"Babz" is an occupational therapist and certified lymphedema therapist. She is also certified in several modalities including yoga, yoga4cancer, LoveYourBrain, yoga for tauma, and reiki. Babz's practice in Boston, Massachusetts specializes in cancer rehabilitation and she also serves people from around the world in her virtual online specialized yoga programs for individuals with or at risk of lymphedema.

Nutrition Instructor

Discussing hot topics in the world of breast cancer nutrition including soy, flax and sugar

Registered Dietitian and Author

Jean LaMantia

Jean LaMantia is a registered dietitian, cancer survivor, author and speaker. In 2019 she published The Complete Lymphedema Management and Nutrition Guide and presented her findings at both the Canadian and American National Lymphedema Conferences. She is passionate about helping you to achieve your goals and using nutrition to improve lymphedema and overall health. As well as lymphedema, she also specializes in cancer risk reduction and intermittent fasting.


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Topics Covered

We listened! We've designed the course content with the questions we heard the most! about breast lymphedema!

  • Babz does a show 'n tell of the various bra and padding options for breast lymphedema

  • Babz demonstrates manual lymphatic drainage combined with breathing techniques and yoga for breast lymphedema and teach you how to move that lymph!

  • Jean's presents on Hot Topics in Breast Cancer Nutrition: soy, flax and sugar

  • Jean and Babz answer questions from our live audience about lymphedema nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the program occur live?

    This program was live on January 15th, 2022 and was recorded. When you purchase this program, you will have access to the 2 hour recording.

  • What currency is the price?

    The course is priced in Canadian dollars. When you pay for the class on your credit card, your card will apply the exchange rate for your local currency. For example, you will pay $29 Canadian, which is about $23 USD. But exchange rates fluctuate daily and this price depends on the exchange rate that your credit card offers.

  • What if I can't watch all two hours of the program in one sitting?

    Not to worry, you can watch or rewatch whenever you like. I've also included a time legend, to help you navigate to the parts you want to see again. For example, if you want to follow along everyday while Babz does MLD, you can do that.

  • Will I receive emails after the course ends?

    Yes. You will receive emails from and where Jean and Babz will share their latest blogs and information about upcoming speaking and events. You are free to unsubscribe at any time.

  • If I have questions with my registration who do I contact?

    Any questions with your registration, you can email

  • What if I want more help after attending the program?

    Both Jean and Babz offer virtual sessions and programs and you are welcome to arrange for virtual 1:1 sessions with them or join either Lymphedema Nutrition School or Living with Lymphedema. If you would like to do that, then email them directly at or for more information on how to register.