What's Included...

  • Determine your target score

  • Find keywords, 'must words', H2 headings and paragraph text quickly

  • How to save and organize your searches

  • How to use filter words to turbo-charge your searches and clean out useless results

  • Over 700 dietitian-specific filter words suitable for recipe and article bloggers

  • Live demonstrations using your own keysearch pages

  • Live masterclass plus time-stamped recording


Dietitian and Blogger

Jean LaMantia

Jean LaMantia has been blogging for over a decade...not knowing about SEO or keyword research and toiling in obscurity. After taking Erica Julson's SEO Made Simple course and subscribing to Keysearch she got her first intentional page 1 blog. But, what Jean discovered is that keysearch can be slow, and cumbersome and a huge time suck if you don't know what you're doing. Jean invested hours learning how to refine her searches. She created lists and lists of filter words specific to dietitian bloggers and her results took off again! Jean now has 13 page 1 blogs and her site's visits have gone from 700 to over 14,000 with just 14 blogs. In addition, she did paid searches for other dietitians and got them onto page one too. Jean developed this course to help other dietitian bloggers get onto page 1 and get the most out of their Keysearch .
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Dietitian Bloggers Share their successes

Jean got me onto page one!

Jessica Penner


Jean performed a keyword search for an article I was writing. It now ranks on the first page of Google search results! Without her help I would have titled it something altogether different that would not have been effective. Jean also gives great suggestions for writing the body of the article to really round it out and make it be seen as more of an authority on the topic by Google. Jean really understands how to use keywords properly!

Jean has a whole skill set I didn't have

Sarah Almond Bushell


I’ve been using key search for a couple of years however was insanely frustrated at never being able to find high volume, low difficulty keywords in my niche. Jean came along and offered to do some keyword research for me and I couldn’t believe it! She had a whole skill set that I didn’t have, and within days was able to identify several keywords specific to my niche which I have successfully incorporated into my blogs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jean as an awesome Keysearch coach, she certainly knows her stuff. The fact that she is a dietician is a bonus as she gets it, she understands where we are coming from.

Jean got me Multiple Keywords in Under an Hour!


I did not know anything about Keysearch before Jean introduced me to it. She did a great job explaining how it works and in less than an hour we found multiple keywords for different blogs that I will now write as a guest blogger.

Countdown to Keysearch Mastery!

Saturday, March 20th 1:00-3:00 pm EDT

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  • What currency is the price?

    The currency is in Canadian dollars. For a price of $59 Canadian, this is approximately $46 US and £ 33. But the exact amount that you will pay, will depend on the exchange rate that your credit card offers.

  • If I don't have keysearch can I still join?

    Yes, you can still join, and my masterclass can help you decide if Keysearch is the right paid search tool for you. If you want to check it out first, they do offer a free service with 5 searches a day.

  • Are you going to teach SEO as well?

    I may touch on some SEO principles like search intent and targeting multiple keywords, but this is not an SEO course, it is a masterclass to teach you how to get the most out of your keysearch and get your blogs onto page one. If you are interested in an SEO course, then I recommend Erica Julson's SEO Made Simple course.

  • I know that you recommend Erica Julson's SEO Made Simple course, if I use your affiliate link for Erica's course is there a discount on your masterclass?

    Yes. If you use my affiliate link for Erica Julson's course, I am happy to offer you a coupon code for 75% off Keysearch for Dietitians Masterclass. Please send me an email at jean@jeanlamantia.com to get your coupon code. My affiliate link for Erica's SEO Made Simple course is https://www.theunconventionalrdbb.com?aff=jeanlamantia When you use this link, I earn a commission on your purchase at no additional cost to you.

  • Do you have a private FB group for students who take this course?

    I haven't set one up yet, but if my students tell me that is something they would like, then I am happy to do that. It could be a great place to share keywords that people have found and look for guest blogger opportunities.

  • Will you teach me how to find keywords in my niche?

    Yes! All my students are dietitians and I will be doing a live demo finding keywords that are important for dietitians bloggers. But I ask that if I am doing a demo using your keysearch subscription that others not use these keywords unless you pass on them.

  • What will you cover during the class?

    During the class I will cover the following Keysearch features: - Explorer tab, Keyword search, Positive and negative filter words, Content assistant, Must words, Word count, and Creating lists. Plus I will answer your questions during the live masterclass!

  • What if I can't attend live or watch to watch again?

    I'll be recording the session and saving it in the Keysearch for Dietitians Classroom which you can return to and watch again.

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