You Should Watch this Program if:

You have lymphedema or are at risk of lymphedema and...

  • You want to learn more about how to practice yoga, engage in breathing techniques and visualization to move lymph fluid through your body

  • You want to learn how to complete self manual lymphatic drainage in the abdominal/core area

  • You are interested in learning about various compression garments that are appropriate for abdominal/pelvic swelling

  • You want to understand the role of the lymphatics in digestion and absportion

  • You want to understand the connection between your microbiota, your diet, your bowel routine and your lymphedema

  • You value trustworthy evidence-informed guidance from registered health professionals


You are in excellent hands with

Jean LaMantia, RD

Jean LaMantia is a registered dietitian, author and speaker. She has published three books including The Complete Lymphedema Management and Nutrition Guide. She has presented at the National Lymphedema Network (US) conference and the Canadian Lymphedema Framework as well as other lymphedema organizations. She is the creator of Lymphedema Nutrition School that helps people with lymphedema to learn about nutrition and improve their condition.

Occupational Therapist, Certified Lymphedema Therapist and Yoga Teacher

Barbara Jackson

"Babz" is an occupational therapist and certified lymphedema therapist. She is also certified in several modalities including yoga, yoga4cancer, LoveYourBrain, yoga for tauma, and reiki. Babz's practice in Boston, Massachusetts specializes in cancer rehabilitation and she also serves people from around the world in her virtual online specialized yoga programs for individuals with or at risk of lymphedema.


  • Has this program happened?

    Yes. This program took place on July 11th. But, it was recorded. All new registrants will have 90 day access to the recording and you can watch it multiple times - this is helpful if you want to follow the yoga program or need to view the MLD sequence multiple times to help you learn it.

  • What currency is the program in?

    The program is priced in Canadian dollars. If you are outside of Canada, your credit card will convert the amount for you. $49 Canadian dollars is approximately $39 American dollars. This program has excellent value with the great content, plus bonuses included!

  • Will we be performing yoga during the event?

    Yes. The program will include a sequence of core yoga done in a chair. Ideally, you should wear some comfortable clothing that will allow you to bend at the waist and you should sit in a firm chair without arm rests to allow you to move without sinking into the chair.

  • If I don't have lymphedema in my core, but in my arm(s) or leg(s), will I still benefit from attending?

    Yes. Even if your lymphedema does not accumulate in the core area, you still have a large cluster of lymph nodes throughout your abdomen and pelvis and making sure these are moving lymph fluid efficiently will help lymphedema throughout your body.

What Our Attendees Have to Say!

Thank you Jean and Barbara!

Jutta O.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session. The yoga was great and the MLD portion particularly interesting. The Gut Health section was very informative and gave me lots of ‘food’ for thought. I expect to review both the session and the yoga regularly over the next week or so. And thanks for all the Bonus options. I will be signing up for some of them for sure.

My Abdomen Feels Lighter!

Amy B.

That was great! My abdomen feels much more spacious and I feel lighter


Robin C.

I feel lighter also!! Lovely!

Definitely worth my time!

Hélène C.

Thank you, Jean. I learnt a few things again by watching your presentation (for the second time). Definitely worth my time!

Great Workshop!

Rose A.

Thank you….great workshop. Very informative!

Very Useful!

Kerry U.

I really enjoyed the session from Jean and Barbara and have found it a very useful addition to my “self-help” strategies!

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